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hello and wellcome to the home page of prateek agarwal. a great source of useful informations for visually impaired people and others.
your favorite vertual hangout zone, your personal information outlet, your own interest valley, this website is whatever you find it, but for sure it's the best in the cyber world!

about me

my name is prateek agarwal and this website is created by me. i'm blind, and am a software and web developer.
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article section

here you can find articles on the interest of visually impaired and others.
articles gathered from different sources have even pottential to transform your life.

legal information section

This section will give you general awareness about laws related to disables.
In our country, laws exist to protect the rights of the disabled, avoid discrimination and enable them to enjoy equal rights . the stakeholders i.e. disabled people, employers, education institutes etc are not always aware of the laws prevailing in their region. Due to lack of adequate knowledge about the laws, the disabled often fail to enjoy the benefits which they are otherwise eligible to. On the other hand, this might lead to unintentional violation of the law by the employers, education institutes etc. For example, an employer is not sure about things like under which law does their organization fall, to what extent do they need to follow the law and what measures do they require to take to avoid discrimination and provide equal rights to the disabled. For all that, a general awareness of laws is required to both disables and others.
this section contains important informations about laws for disable people, legal articles, and also the most powerful law for disable persons in india (persons with disability act).

important circulars, orders and guidelines

the section has some important circulars, orders, and guidelines issued in the interest of physically handicap persons.
please note, that the primary aim of providing these circulars, orders, and guidelines is to aware and educate, but these may prove useful while availing any facility by showing the printed copy of the associated document which can be varified by it's circular number, date of issuing, etc.

career section

Technological developments have drastically transformed the career landscape of the visually impaired during the past decade. Innovations such as screen readers as well as the increased popularity of the Internet have opened crucial windows of opportunity to the blind. now, there is nothing which a blind can't do. from the past dacate, a number of visually impaired people stepped twards offbeat careers too. specially, accessive use of computers in all the fields, and invention of various technologies related to blinds made this work more easyer.

one should consider hard before choosing any career. there are many options available for career today, you must go with the one of your interest. it's always a good idea to collect knoledge about various careers so it may help you in deciding that for which career you have to go.
i've collected informations about few of the careers, please do read them. hope this may prove beneficial for you. not only for those who are intended to go for new careers, but also for those who are ither working in that field or planning to go in a particular career which i presented here.

computer section

here you can find some interesting tips, tutorials, useful and interesting links, articles regarding computer, and lots lots more!

news section

news are very important for all of us. though we keep getting news by various medias as radio, TV etc, but there aren't many sources from where you can get news related to the field of visually impaired
if you offen search for news related to visually impaired and spend your valuable time in just brouzing number of websites without success, this web page may be your one stop solution.
i've compiled a number of news from different sources which are related to the field of visually impaired. please keep visiting this section because news will updated time to time to know the latest news, please refer news related to the field of visually impaired

success stories

presented some of the stories of successful people from visually impaired community. i am sure this will not only increase awareness about blind persons in society, but also prove helpful to change the attatude of narrow minded people who underestimate visually impaired persons. while these are also a great source of inspiration for both cited and visually impaired people, in my view you must read these success stories.

matterial for competetive exams

This new brand section features some nice quizs, general knowledge question answers, different information for banking, civil services and other competitive exams, practice tests, sample papers, and lot more that will assure your success in competitive exams which are offen appears brain bogling otherwise.


it's nonworthy mentioning the importance of books. however, unlike from others, accessing books may be bit hard for those who are print disable.
specially, if the books are in hard copy, visually impaired people offen finds it difficult to access them.
understanding the need, i'm trying to provide few books for the benefit of whole visually impaired community.
though idea of ebooks or audio books is most beneficial for blinds and visually impaired, but they may prove somehow beneficial for each and every person.

audio books

blind and visually impaired people are using audio books since long. though prior to computer they use to access them by tape recorder, but use of computer made this task extremely easy.
surprisingly, audio books may prove absulute beneficial for everyone who wants to polish his/her english communications and pronounciations. then, no matter whether she/he belongs to VI community or not.

ebooks section

presented some great ebooks for your benefit.
they are now aranged in categories, so that you can locate the desired book more easyly.


everything else that interests you, including films, personal experiences, humer, review of audio devices, etc.

upload your contributions

here at prateek agarwal's home page, my aim is to build a nice source of information for visually impaired and others.
it's a matter of proud for me that this website got quite popular in very less time.
though i am putting hard efferts to make this site more useful, but my efferts can get more success by your kind contributions.
whether you are a student or teacher, doctor or engeneer, manager or clerck, musician or dancer, so on, so on, so on, actually, whatever you may be, but you might definetly having something to share with all. it may be some books, personal experiences, life skill tips, job challenges, software reviews, review of recording/ audio/ other type of devices, accessibility of your local places, or else.
whatever it may be, but if you think that visitor of this nice website may benefit with that by some mean, kindly do upload that in my drop box.
here is the upload page upload your contribution

after you upload, please do not forget to inform me by mail at

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i'm continuesly working towards providing useful stuff to you. so keep on visiting to this ever expending website.

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